Gifts for dogs ... and their friends!  
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Store - is an amazing store with a wide assortment of items for cats AND for dogs too!

Cats, of course, are their specialty. Let your cat safely enjoy the outdoors with products from the Kittywalk Pet Containment System, or select from a large assortment of cat trees (including a beautiful cedar cat tree), hideaways and condos, scratch posts, litterbox furniture, plush cat beds, pagoda tent beds (also suitable for small dogs), cat collars, pet jewelery, and many other items. Cat Furniture is reasonably-priced , appears sturdy and very well-designed, and can be customized with toys, padding and a variety of carpet colors.

Other pets will enjoy one of their pet gift baskets, one of their beautiful designer food bowls, or perhaps a custom-made rhinestone collar. CatsPlay carries luxury pet beds and unique jeweled collars in all sizes, so your larger dogs won't feel left out. has some wonderful gifts for owners of cats, dogs and other pets. Have your favorite pet photo woven (yes, WOVEN, not screen-printed!) into a 40" x 60" blanket. Or, choose from 80 lifelike plush dog and cat collectibles by Piutre (handmade in Italy), attractive rhinestone dog and cat jewelery, a Swarovski crystal rainbow bridge pin, crystal dog and cat figurines, desk sets, and much more!


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